This page is vastly popular among us applicants, not to mention a quick and dirty way of seeing where someone is at in the process. So without further ado…

January 20th 2010 Start online application.

April 14th 2010 Finally submitted my application. My recommendations were submitted long before but those darn essays caused me a lot of agony. I wasn’t sure how much they wanted applicants to write and I could’ve written a book on everything that has brought me to want to serve in the Peace Corps.

May 10th 2010 Interview with recruiter at the local university

May 14th 2010 Phone call with recruiter from regional office to clear up some things from my interview. She offers me three nominations; Sub-Saharan Africa in January, South/Central America in February, or Caribbean in March.  Asks if I can give her an answer by the end of the day. Under normal circumstances this would’ve been no problem but I had just flown down to SoCal to see my dear friend Kathy whom I hadn’t seen in a long time and didn’t want to be a bad guest. Promise to get back with an answer the following Monday.

May 17th 2010 After obsessing about it all weekend (sorry Kathy and friends) I call the regional office while waiting for my plane at LAX and accept the Africa January 2011 nomination.

May 19th 2010 Medical kit mailed. I receive it sometime the following week.

June 4th – 24th 2010 What can I say, I have amazing health care and dental providers (shout out to Bellingham Family Health and Northwest Dental Center!) and got everything taken care of in a couple of appointments. The hardest part was tracking down my immunization records.

June 30th 2010 Toolkit update- headquarters has received my medical kit.

July 2nd 2010 Teeth clear!

September 8th 2010 Call to check in since it’s been several months and I am now within 4 months of my nominated departure. Apparently my medical file made it to a nurse’s desk on July 20th and continues to sit there.

October 20th 2010 Wearing purple in solidarity! Still no progress on my medical file.

November 4th 2010 MEDICAL CLEARANCE! Finally. My letter arrived the following week.

November 5th Request for updated resume and clarification on availability from the Placement Office.

Novemberish- early Dec Calls with placement officer about open programs and adjusted departure dates. There was a possibility of being placed in a program in Eastern Europe leaving in March.

December 27th 2010 I have a dream my invitation arrives, open it, and it’s for Rwanda.

December 28th 2010 My invitation arrives for Rwanda!

May 4th 2011 Staging

May 6th – July 15 2011 Pre Service Training in Kigali Rwanda

July 15th 2011 – July 15th 2013 Service in Rwanda TBD


One Response to “Timeline”

  1. Jamie May 30, 2011 at 9:34 am #

    Wow!!! The dream gave me chills!!! I’m a total believer in dreams! xoxoxo

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