Packing List

This is a start. Things in bold are items I have yet to purchase.

The Luggage

-My (rather large) pack from Kelty

– Small Duffel

-Carry on: Osprey Porter 46 Travel Pack

Clothing (this area is a bit random and ever changing)

-3 Cardigans

-4 skirts


-2 pairs dress pants

-3 pairs running shorts

-running shirts aka moisture wicking/not cotton

– 3 sports bras

-4-6 regular bras

-2 long sleeve UPF 50 button up shirts

-long sleeveless dress

-1 pair jeans



-helllaaaaa underwear: a mix of cotton and the travel ones from Ex Officio

-hellaaaaaa smartwool socks (friends I would gladly accept a pair of the phd runners if you want to get me a little sum’n sumthin)

Rain shell


-2 pairs of chacos

-2 (space allowing) pairs of trail running shoes

-1 pair of closed toed dressy sandals/maryjane (went with this from Keen). These will be my g0-to, work appropriate dress shoe.

-1 pair of flip flops


-Big bottle shampoo

-Big bottle conditioner



-Arm & Hammer baking soda tooth paste (I am obsessed, my teeth don’t feel clean if I use anything else.)


-Face moistureizer


-SUNSCREEEN! Big fan of the Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer dry-touch. It’s the only thing that doesn’t make my face feel like it’s burning.



-Scarf or two

Kitchen Related

-Bialetti Moka Express (not as fancy as it sounds)

-Sharp kitchen knife

-Parring knife

Can opener

-Vegetable peeler

-Wine opener


Technologic situation (Again, this is my best guess, advice is welcome)

-Toshiba Satellite Laptop (decided not to get a netbook)

– External hard drive full of useful documents, music and entertainment goodness. Purchased this .

-Couple of thumb drives

-Kindle: I caved and bought a Kindle since I decided not to get a netbook. I figured it was the only way I’d come close to my goal of reading a plethora of classics.

-Ipod + charger

Ipod speakers

-Digital camera + charger


Outlet adapter

Random other stuff

-Batik: space/weight permitting



– Dr. Bronner’s


-yoga mat

-yoga flashcards

foam roller (this thing is a life saver, seriously)

-Sleeping bag

-Bed sheets!!! (I am a total snob on this topic)

2 travel towels

Cycling shorts


A plastic Netti Pot- lighter and less likely to break in transit.


2 Responses to “Packing List”

  1. sarahcmarshall10 April 15, 2011 at 6:01 am #

    Your packing list overwhelms me. I am leaving for Jamaica in June and I am not nearly as prepared on the packing end. This has made me very anxious. Thanks!

    • Heidi April 22, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

      Hahaha. I put this list together so it would quit occupying space in my head. As the date of my departure gets closer I care less and less about packing.

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