Howdy, I’m Heidi but folks in my village call me Mahoro. I live at the edge of Rwanda (feels like the end of the world sometimes). From my bedroom I can see Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This view is a real lifesaver since I spent the seven previous years seeing Puget Sound everyday.As a Heath and Community Development Volunteer for Peace Corps I spend my time ‘working’ at a health center in the Nyamasheke District looking for ways to increase capacity.

I’m a total Public Health nerd, my passion partially fueled by my own experiences. I’ve got a BS in Community¬† Health from Western Washington University. Three years experience as a Community Health Specialist in Chronic Disease Prevention and a basic working knowledge of the Social Determinants of Health. I truly believe in the effectiveness of population based approaches to improve health and am excited to see how this experience molds my views.

Prior to Peace Corps I lived in beautiful Bellingham Washington, an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. I use to spend my time dabbling in the plethora of outdoor activities Bellingham has to offer including snowboarding, hiking, cycling, and kayaki, things that are all quite hard to do here. I also miss the fine microbrews and wines the Pacific Northwest has to offer, going to concerts, and healthy cooking.

While I can’t imagine anywhere better than the Pacific Northwest to call home, Rwanda is proving to have quite a few similarities.

For your viewing pleasure, a video about the greatness that is B’ham.

“Every time somebody steps out on the road they bring a little Northwest soul with them” -Macklemore


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  1. Elizabeth October 15, 2010 at 3:35 pm #

    Hey- I read your comment on my blog today, couldn’t figure out how to e-mail you but I wanted to reassure you (without getting into to much detail) that my medical restriction had nothing to do with seasonal allergies or meds. Good luck!

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