You Brought THAT on a Moto?

3 Aug

Being that taxi cars are rather expensive in Rwanda moto taxis are incredibly popular for whatever distance you can tolerate. As so, I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous things being carried on a moto, like rolled up mattresses, rollie suitcases, and other large items. No pets though.

I’ve wanted to start a series of blog posts called “You brought that on a moto? And am finally getting around to it. I’ve had some humdinger of loads myself but until this one, never took a picture.

This picture is from a trip to the post office which is out of the way, making it necessary to take a moto. The packages are for two other PCVs and we had a little rain delay before I could return to the house. Even with the rain and the gigantor boxes I didn’t get splashed with any mud because the moto driver I use is AWESOME! Cheers to Joesph.

I’ll try to have my camera ready for some of the more ridiculous ‘you brought that on a moto’ moments in the future. Feel free to email  me with any photos you have!




One Response to “You Brought THAT on a Moto?”

  1. Lily warrior August 8, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    Love it, Heidi…so creative!!!!

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