Recipes: Rice in Cream of Chicken

10 Apr

Figured it’d be fun to share some of the things I cook. Unfortunately since it’s usually dark when I finish cooking and I don’t have electricity there aren’t any pictures.

This recipe started one day when I was sick with a cold and decided to snazz up a Lipton’s soup Packet. I deceivingly call it, “Rice Cream of Chicken”

-Sliced carrots

-Sliced onion

-2 cups of water

-Chicken bouillon cube

-Powdered soy milk

-Peanut flour

-A Sprig or two of rosemary

-A generous helping of oregano



Combine water, veggies, rosemary, and oregano in a pot and bring to a boil. Add chicken bullion and boil for 5 more minutes. Add in peanut flour and powdered soy milk until desired consistency. Add rice and cook for a few minutes more or until your patience runs out. Garnish with black pepper.

This has been my go to meal the last couple of weeks since I’ve been too lazy to cook beans for chili and feel uninspired to cook anything else. Not to mention I have an obscene amount of rice since I saw it fit to purchase 10 or so kg of it months ago.

Due to my recent apathy towards cooking I’ve also not been good about going to the market which means the recipe has evolved. Sometimes I add tomatoes and the last two nights I’ve added dried kale that my mom sent me (because she’s awesome). The recipe is sure to do some more evolving since I used the last of my chicken bullion. Though I’m hoping to break out of my food rut before it goes too much further.



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