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Umwaka Mushya Muhire

6 Jan

I’ve been texting with my friend all evening and we concluded that life right now is so very good. It’s not without it’s problems or challenges but things seem manageable and I’m definitely looking on the brighter side of life.

Not sure if this new burst of optimism is from hitting my stride here in Rwanda or the abundance of Vitamin D in my body at a time of the year when historically my body’s stores are at their lowest and I find myself toeing the line of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Perhaps it’s a combination of both with a dash of some other things.

As my time winds down on 36 hours of unlimited internet I’m aware of all the things I WANT to share about my first holiday season in Rwanda but haven’t yet. I will get around to it. Tomorrow promises lots of work as I undertake the deep clean that seems needed about once a month. But for the time being I am content to cuddle up with the kitten and a cup of tea.

Happy New Year Everyone!

(That’s the title of this blog, in Kinyarwanda)