Wine Turkey

7 Dec

For Thanksgiving this year I went down to the Peace Corps Regional house in Kamembe and celebrated the following Saturday with a few other volunteers.

The menu was a mix of everyone’s favorites and included:

-Corn pudding

-Buttered carrots

-Garlic mashed potatos (I made)

-Squash soup (YUMMY!)


– (canned) Cranberry sauce

-Baked cinnamon apples

-Lemon raspberry pudding pie

-Pumpkin spice pudding pie

It was a pretty low-key day which hasn’t been like all the Thanksgivings I’ve ever had. I was in charge of the mashed taters and the pies. I was going to make stuffing but we weren’t able to get some of the ingredients and I just wasn’t feeling it. The pies are an homage to Christa, a volunteer who finished her service and returned to America in mid November. She taught us to appreciate the goodness of a pudding pie with a crust made of sweet biscuits you can buy here.

It was strange to not be drinking my weight in water, abstaining from alcohol, and getting lots of rest in preparation for the half marathon I’ve run the Sunday after Thanksgiving for the last couple of years.

AJ who we’ll call the main coordinator of this turned out to be quite the hostess, making a turkey out of poster board and igitenge (what the fabric they sell here is called) in addition to name cards and a lovely tablecloth.

Because I wasn’t abstaining from alcohol I was pretty stoked to imbibe some wine. During my visit to Kigali I finally tasted a red wine that I liked and it just so happens to come in a box. But hey, it’s from South Africa so that makes it kinda classy right? So we picked up a big box (6.5 bottles) and it became the thing which we attached the turkey to. It was so much fun to refer to it as ‘the wine turkey’ that I proposed that we refer to all subsequent boxes of wine as ‘wine turkeys’ we shall see.

After eating and washing dishes I continued the Wiersma family tradition of playing spoons. It wasn’t all that lively though as half of us were pretty tired from going out the night before.

Even though there wasn’t any turkey to put us in a tryptophan coma we were still pretty sleepy and after a movie (Tropic Thunder) we called it a night.

Now for some pictures!


One Response to “Wine Turkey”

  1. Beth December 7, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    Haha! That box of wine totally reminds me of my service. We always bought that kind. South African wine in a box is delicious!!! Glad you got to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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