It’s Not Beginning To Look Much Like Christmas

2 Dec

As I read stories about Halloween snowstorms in New England, Christmas shopping, Black Friday, Baker opening, and a day after Thanksgiving powder day I find it difficult to believe that 2011 is almost over and the Christmas season is almost upon (some) of us.

The lack of change in seasons here is throwing me for a loop because I used the changes in seasons in the US to get excited about upcoming activities the new season brings and reflect on the ones I’ve enjoyed in the passing season.

The weeks here feel like a roller coaster. Monday the slow tick tick tick wind up to the week bringing anticipation and a little fear about the what the coming week may hold. The hours contained in Tuesday and Wednesday bring enough ups and downs with sometime on Wednesday offering a bit of a reprieve where I start to enjoy myself and relax a bit. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday seem to fly by and before you know it it’s Sunday evening and I feel like it’s the end of the ride and I’m sad to see the weekend go.

Despite the how each week feels they seem to add up quickly and though I’ve experience both the rainy and dry seasons in Rwanda I don’t sense much of a difference in the places that I’ve lived. Though other volunteers, especially those living in the East definitely have a different experience.

All of this has me wondering how I should spend the holidays, if I should make special plans to celebrate them or just treat them as a normal day. Never fear, I had/have plans for both of them and it’s not crying in my room watching chick flicks and eating all the chocolate I can get my hands on.

I like the activities and seasonal beers that winter brings and the time for family that comes with Christmas. As far as decorating and ‘getting into the spirit’ I’ve never been big on that. I think I get more excited about decorating for Halloween. I have to admit though, there are some holiday traditions that I really enjoy though if it were up to me to keep them going they probably wouldn’t.

Where am I going with all of this? Well last Christmas this really amazing lady I know gave me a small X-mas present (that she made) even though we both new I was counting down the days until I came here. It just so happens that that particular item made it into my baggage and is my sole Christmas decoration (for now at least). I can’t think of a better thing to have, a reminder of a place I love dearly, and a person I love even more. So thanks buddy!

An ornamate that mimics a mural in Bellingham


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