Mefloquin Dreamin’

5 Sep

Mefloquin is a malaria prophylaxis notorious for its side effects, primarily incredibly vivid dreams. Though there were some trainees in our group that had to switch medications because of the extreme anxiety and hallucinations it caused. During PST we kept on hearing cows mooing as if they were being strangled. In reality, they were probably just hungry but the group of people I spent the most time with took to joking about them because you could hear them but not see the through the plethora of foliage. Mefloquin became the explanation for the bizarre, zaney, and unexplainable things in Rwanda.

Last Saturday I had a mefloquin dream of my own and I don’t even take the stuff. In my dream there were hunky ROTC guys, a contest I won that allowed me to spend time with a band I like, talk about life in Rwanda as a PCV, a staff meeting with my former coworkers, talk of a crush from high school, and the strangest illness I’ve ever come across. The dream was like an everything bagel of every last thought in my mind.

It was the last part that was the most disturbing. I dreamt there were teal scales on the bottoms of my feet between where my toes connected and the balls of my feet. I remember very vividly they looked similar to a ripe pineapple. I also remember registering a feeling of pain like you would feel when peeling off a newly formed scab. I also distinctly remember knowing there was a difference between registering the pain and actually feeling it, which I didn’t. Then the hysteria that set in when a former coworker calmly informed me the scales were a result of a staph infection. I began to lament about supergerms, how in the world did I contract such an infection and would I ever recover?

I’m no stranger to vivid or surreal dreams but this is the first the link between what had been on my mind the past few days and what I dreamt was perfectly clea


3 Responses to “Mefloquin Dreamin’”

  1. Kelly September 6, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

    I had some crazy dreams last night…mainly the panic kind like I forgot something or was late. ugh.

    • Heidi September 12, 2011 at 6:02 am #

      Those have got to be my lease favorite!

  2. Jill teVelde September 12, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    RE: Dream >>> welcome to my world … that’s a great description of it. love you

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