I’m So Tired I Wish I Was the Moon Tonight

2 Aug

Chaotic travel + too much fun this weekend + a teacher that won’t go home + hormones = EXHAUSTION!

So Friday the group of volunteers in Kamembe went to a bar/hotel where this Congolese band plays covers of everything from Rwandan and Congolese music to Reggae and Phil Collins. No joke, it was amazingly cathartic (not to mention fun) to dance the night away. We stayed until midnight or so and rather than going to bed when we got back to the house we started watching the latest Harry Potter movie. It was around 2 am when we decided to call it quits. Unfortuntely my ability to sleep-in in Rwanda is broken so I was up at 5:30 and have been paying for it ever since.

School is out for the next three weeks so I figured I’d take advantage of my tutor who is a teacher abundance of free time. So for the next few weeks I’ll be in Kinyarwanda bootcamp in the afternoons instead of working. The goal of leaving work at 3 pm instead of 5 pm to study is twofold, one so I’ll have more brainpower, two so I still have plenty of time to make dinner. This only works if my teacher actually leaves at 5 pm. Getting him to leave appears to be a 30 minute process as he continues to talk and tray to teach me things I already know.

So this is my little disclaimer that I find myself quite busy these days so if you don’t hear from me (sorry parents) please don’t worry. I continue to do well adjusting and plugging away at work and life here in Rwanda.


PS I have my new/permanent address for the next two years

PPS The title is from a Neko Case song. Fun fact, Neko reminds me of my friend Jamie, Valentines day, bubble baths and a giant glass of hearty red wine. They’re tangentially connected- can you guess how?


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