Time is wastin’ time is walkin’ time you ain’t no friend of mine. I think I’m out of my mind thinking about time.

14 Apr

Can you tell what the topic of this post will be about? It’s time for me to get real about time. For the first time in my life that I can remember I don’t have a one foot out the door attitude. Usually when it comes to major (or not so) life changes I gradually invest more and more time into what’s next, eventually leaving the past like a pair of socks you take off at the end of the day. Not this time, I’ve kind of been in denial about my eventual departure which sounds ridiculous considering the amount of energy I exert with thoughts and preparation for Rwanda. But really, it seems crazy. I figured since I was short changed a couple of days it’s time to look at where my time the rest of my time will be spent.

4/6 – 4/10 Whidby Island with my family and a half marathon on Sunday

4/11- 4/15 My last week of work!

4/16 Hit the road! First to Portland OR to see my mom and some friends. Then hopefully stop by to see my aunts and cousins in the Tri-Cities area.

4/20 – 4/25 Arrive home in central WA to see Grandma and other fam, my favorite former employers, and my parents again.

4/25 Back to Bellingham! Where I might eat Mallards everyday

4/30 Is my goodbye party with friends

5/1 I leave Bellingham for real (I tried leaving once before and moved back 6 months later).

5/2 Board flight #7 at 11:25 am for Philly with a stop in Phoenix and officially into the vortex that is pc.

PS I’ve been trying to finish this blog for well over a week, but here it goes!


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