Rwandan Realization #3

23 Feb

Rwandan Realization #3 I want a pet goat

How does one arrive at such a realization? Well I blame it on the extremely loud ticking of my biological clock, the abundance of adorable offspring from my peers, the Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue website (and my coworker), my friend Katie in Cameroon, and Spring the Pygmy goat I met Friday night. Still with me?

Last Friday following an afternoon walk Leslie’s husband invited us to a ‘Boy’s night BBQ’ out in Acme. They’re working on restoring his brother-in law’s house and were celebrating the work accomplished, plus it was Friday. After assuring us ladies wouldn’t be intruding on any man time we headed out to Acme. It was by far the manliest BBQ I’ve ever been to, we’re talking game cooked over an open fire. I had an elk burger, black tail, and smoked black tail and trout. It was all delicious. Leslie snapped this awesome picture of me next to the meat grilling. Pardon the quality, but phone cameras don’t much like the night. So where does the goat come into this? Well they have 4 dogs and a pygmy goat who is best friends with one of the dogs, they sleep together every night, so cute. What sealed the deal was hearing from my PCV friend in Cameroon that she encountered more goats than chickens.

I’ve thought about getting a pet while serving in the peace corps but was concerned about food and vet care on my PCV salary. I figure a goat eats all kinds of stuff and would probably be plenty resourceful in procuring food. Which may prove problematic if I plant a garden. I can just

imagine a Gregory the Terrible Eater situation.


As I mentioned earlier my biological clock is ticking quite LOUDLY as of late. At 26 years old it seems absolutely crazy. My mind is totally on board with the fact that pregnancy and parenthood are not on the docket for awhile given my future plans but my body is another story. I was cooling down after a run the other day when I walked past this boy, probably 6 years or older and I found myself with an overwhelming urge to scoop the adorable ringletted toehead up in my arms. He wasn’t even a baby! It doe

sn’t help that so many of my peers have little ones they’re constantly posting pictures of or bringing around me. I can’t get a dog and I can’t convince any of my friends to get a new dog so I dream of the day 6 months from now when I can get a pet in Rwanda.

In other news, friends keep asking me how my preparations for Rwanda are going and I don’t always know how to answer them. More than likely they d

o not want to hear me lament about how my emotions swing from one extreme to the other, as if I really were a hormonal

pregnant lady. I don’t really know what to tell them, partly because I don’t really know what exactly preparations should include. I keep thinking of things I want to do, like post a packing list and start applying for pro deals but it seems too ear

ly. I decided today that I don’t care anymore because there is no timeline of what an invitee should do and when

something comes to my mind I’m going to put it on my list and get to it so it will quit taking up space in my mind. Some days I’m more proactive in preparing and some days I just update my blog. 😉 After all that discussion without further ado, may I direct your attention to the packing list tab in the upper right corner of the screen should you be curious about what I intend to bring.


One Response to “Rwandan Realization #3”

  1. kc February 24, 2011 at 5:39 am #

    My tick tock was pretty loud too at 26. Like deafening. I too was single at the time and wanted to cuddle everything. I totally love goats. The neighbor had some growing up and yes…if you have a garden and a free range goat it will get destroyed.

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