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Officially overwhelmed

31 Jan

It’s been just over a month since I received my invitation. I remember when the placement officer said May it seemed so far away. Now here we are basically in February and I’m wondering where time has gone. It took me awhile to muster up the proper excitement over being invited to Rwanda. My invitation came on one of the 3 days I was home between Christmas and New Years just as I was coming down with a nasty cold that kept me up all night coughing. By the time I arrived home Monday January 3rd I was exhausted and couldn’t even think about my aspiration statement and resume until I felt more human. Then I became so preoccupied with them that I forgot to make any real plans for the day of my birthday. Luckily my roommates saved the day with decorations, dinner, and cake.

I feel like I’m in this weird lull where Peace Corps Journals doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe some of my fellow applicants feel the same way? Because many of the familiar blogs seem to have fewer updates these days. I don’t feel a connection to other applicants anymore and I can’t seem to get into any Rwanda blogs which is weird because when I thought I might be going to South Africa I read/scanned pretty much every blog.

It feels like I’m paralyzed by everything that needs to be accomplished. When I confided this to my friend she told me to make a list to which I replied, “I did but I haven’t looked at it!” The week before last was better though, I WAS crossing stuff off my list. What about last week? Well I has home visiting my family since my brother and his wife were in town then Thursday we headed up to a lodge in the Cascade Mountains for their wedding reception. The place didn’t have internet and only sketchy cellphone reception so I was out of the look for a couple days. Hopefully this week I’ll get back on track with crossing things off the to-do list.

One thing that was helpful is I emailed a contact in the grad program I hope to get into after service to see how important GRE scores were and was relieved to find that they weren’t that important. So I don’t have to worry about putting so much energy into that.

I have yet to send off the paperwork for my Peace Corps Passport, I know I am a terrible person. BUT I have three months and Rwanda doesn’t require a Visa. I promise I’ll get it done this week.

I guess that’s about it. I thought I’d be more excited about getting invited to Rwanda and deep down I probably am but there’s just so much going on and so much to do that it’s hard to know. Let’s be honest though, moving across the world to a developing country for two years is kind of a scary thing and it is ok to be a little nervous and hesitant. I know that once I’m there I’ll love it, but it’s just always hard for me to get excited about it until the time gets closer. I DID order business cards with my blog on them. Hehehe. I am a nerd.