In real time

10 Dec

Update: Placement officer called around 11am and informed me that there weren’t any spots in programs leaving 2nd quarter. The soonest I could be leaving is March. But possibly not until April. She asked me how I felt about Eastern Europe in March to which I replied, “Well, I’m committed to the Peace Corps, I don’t have a lot of choices if that’s the soonest program that’s available do I?”

I never  do well thinking on the spot and whenever I’m on the phone with pc headquarters I can hear a meter running in my head and all I want to do is wrap up the conversation so they can get back to work….making progress on my file.

I skyped with my friend Kathyrn who is currently serving in Armenia and she let me in on a little secret, while pc may not be that flexible when it comes to accepting/rejecting an invitation applicants have some leeway in the time leading up to that. So after consulting PC Wiki I’m thinking of calling back Monday and seeing if there are any programs in the Caribbean or South/Central America open, after all those were possible nominations way back in May.


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