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What’s in a name?

15 Sep

Light from the sun nourishes our bodies, makes things grow, and brings joy. As a metaphor it can mean finding clarity, truth, or solace in the chaos, confusion, and hurt that life sometimes brings.

Light = goodness

This is my journey to find goodness in life, to chase the light.

It’s also the name of an album from one of my favorite bands. An album that brought me comfort during my transition from student to college grad. Most people say this is such an exciting time in your life. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty miserable for me.  The suspense of when/where/if I was going to get a job was getting to me. I just wanted my ‘grown up’ life to start already!

When Chase This Light was released it didn’t grab me right away. The story of how it came to grow on me is rather entertaining (in my view) so I’ll leave it for you below:

So I got a part-time job with my internship site helping them with a survey, mostly data entry. On the days I worked, I’d drop my mom off at her office downtown at Portland State University and get back on the freeway to my office. One day I put Chase This light on, and experienced this magical moment with the opening guitar riffs of Big Casino as I hit all green lights on the way to getting on the freeway. It became a ritual, drop my mom off, switch on the album and rock out for the 20 minutes it took to reach my office. Even I am aware of how ridiculous this sounds as I type it. But the simple act of listening to this album on my morning commute helped me understand that I WOULD make it through this uncertain time in my life. I WOULD be a New Jersey success story, if only figuratively since I’ve never lived there and am not entirely sure what it is.

And then I thought, ‘hey what a great name for a blog!’


PS Go listen to the album, it’ll rock your face off.